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Waterlog: A short film about anxiety and wild swimming

Posted on: BY: Saga Svensson
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As a person with anxiety who found peace in the water, this short film by Ben Cox about writer Joe Minihane and his battle with anxiety really hit a note with me.

Joe discovers that wild water swimming helps relieve his anxiety after throwing himself into a cold river. Shortly afterwards he happens upon Waterlog: A Swimmer’s Journey Through Britain, a book written in 1996 by environmentalist Roger Deakin detaling his adventures swimming ‘through’ the British Isles via it’s public waterways, pools, lakes, seas, and hidden wild swimming spots.

Much like Deakin who begins his own journey while breaststroking through a thunderstorm, Minihane realizes his own destiny shortly after discovering the book, and commits to retracing Deakin’s steps reframing Deakin’s connection with nature as a search for mental health.

Minihane writes about this journey (spiritual and literal) in his own take on Waterlog – Floating: A Return to Waterlog. This beautiful film tells the story of Floating.

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