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Women in alpkit wetsuits preparing for a wild swim

Why i made the switch to a natural swimming wetsuit

Amateur open water swimmer Audrey Sanchez explains what made her decide to switch to a ‘natural’ swimming wetsuit and why she’ll never go back. Audrey Sanchez grew up pool swimming in Illinois. “Swimming was my…

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A view of Kachess Lake, looking out from the tiny island

A humble lesson on Lake Kachess

Sudden and unexpected rough swimming conditions turn a perfect wild swimming adventure into scary lesson about danger and preparedness. It was a beautiful sunny day at Lake Kachess. This was the perfect peace we had…

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Waterlog author Roger Deakin, the father of wild swimming, in a wild pond with his book lying on the bank

Waterlog: A Swimmer’s Journey Through Britain – by Roger Deakin

“Waterlog – A Swimmer’s Journey Through Britain” is the captivating, introspective account of BBC film-maker and environmentalist Roger Deakin’s novel and hugely inspirational journey through the seas, pools, and waterways of Great Britain. Published in…

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