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Swimmers racing in the Lake Moomaw open water swim, with thick trees in the background

Lake Moomaw Open Swim

Lake Moomaw Open Swim is an open water swim race that takes place in the southern part of Lake Moomaw, in the Alleghany Mountains of Virginia. The race course is an out-and-back, starting at the…

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swimmers racing in Lake Audubon, location for the annual Jim McDonnell Lake Swims

Reston Masters’ Jim McDonnell Lake Swims

The Jim McDonnell Lake Swims are two open water swimming races that take place every year on Lake Audubon, in Reston, Virginia. The races are organized by the Reston Masters Swim Team and have a…

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Participants in the Downriver Rip open water swim race, swimming in the middle of the upper james river

Downriver Rip, Midlothian VA

The Downriver Rip is a unique open water swim race that takes place in the fast waters of the Upper James River, in Midlothian, not far from Richmond, Virginia. There are two Downriver Rip events…

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