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the morrisona bridge, portland a key feature of the proposed sharkfest portland swim

The Portland Sharkfest Swim

The inaugural Portland Sharkfest Swim is an open water swimming event scheduled to take place in the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. The inaugural swim was was cancelled and rescheduled for 2024. The course is…

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Applegate Lake Swimming Weekend

Applegate Lake Open Water Weekend

Rogue Valley Masters annually hosts an open water swim series set against the stunning backdrop of Applegate Lake in Southern Oregon. The series includes 10k, 5k, and 2.5k races on Saturday, with the 1500m and…

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Eel Lake - venue for the Eel Lake open water swim in Oregon

Eel Lake Open Swim

Eel Lake, situated in William M. Tugman State Park on the Oregon coast, provides the scenic backdrop for the Eel Lake Open Swim. This freshwater lake is conveniently located on U.S. 101, nestled between Reedsport…

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View of the pristine clear water of Elk Lake in the Cascades, near Bend, Oregon, site of the Cascade series open water swim

The Cascade Lakes Swim Series

The Cascade Lakes Swim Series takes place at Elk Lake, a picturesque mountain lake basking in the sunshine of the Oregon Cascades, just 32 miles from Bend. The water temperature typically ranges from 66 to…

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