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May 2024

Maryland Freedom Swim

The Maryland Freedom Swim is a two mile point-to-point open water swim race across the Choptank River in Cambridge, Maryland. The race is swum in the channel between the two bridges, beside the Frederick C…

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Downriver Rip, Midlothian VA

The Downriver Rip is a unique open water swim race that takes place in the fast waters of the Upper James River, in Midlothian, not far from Richmond, Virginia. There are two Downriver Rip events…

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Reston Masters' Jim McDonnell Lake Swims

The Jim McDonnell Lake Swims are two open water swimming races that take place every year on Lake Audubon, in Reston, Virginia. The races are organized by the Reston Masters Swim Team and have a…

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June 2024

Maryland Swim for Life

Maryland Swim for Life is an annual multi-race, USMS-sanctioned open water swim event held by the District of Columbia Aquatics Club in the Chester River in Chestertown, Maryland. The event is a charity fundraiser and…

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Washington's Crossing: Swim Across the Potomac

Washington’s Crossing: Swim Across the Potomac is an annual open water swim event that crosses the Potomac River at National Harbour, Fort Washington, Maryland. Race participants swim to the middle of the Potomac River, parallel…

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Lap the Lake Swim

The Lap the Lake Swim is an annual open water race that takes place at the Indian Trail Club on Lake Franklin, New Jersey each June. The race is organized by the Wyckoff YMCA and…

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Pride Swim Manhattan, New York City

The Pride Swim, Manhattan is an open water swim race that takes place each year in the Hudson River in New York City. The race is 1.5 miles (2.5 kilometers) and travels along the iconic…

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Whidbey Island Adventure Swim

The Whidbey Island Adventure Swim is an open water swimming event that runs along the picturesque Langley shoreline on Whidbey Island, Washington. The course path forms a rectangle, starting and ending at Seawall Park with…

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July 2024

The Portland Bridge Swim

The Portland Bridge Swim is an annual open water swimming event that takes place in the Willamette River Portland, Oregon. This unique race offers participants the opportunity to swim an 11 mile course that passes…

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Motor City Mile Open Water Swim, Detroit

The Motor City Mile is an annual open water swimming race held in the Detroit River, Michigan. The event is part of the Swim Across America (SAA) race series. The race consists of various loops…

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The Fat Salmon Annual Open Water Swim

The Fat Salmon Open Water Swim is an annual open water swimming event in Seattle, Washington. The course is a point-to-point route that traces the western shoreline of the lake. It is one of the…

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Applegate Lake Open Water Weekend

Rogue Valley Masters annually hosts an open water swim series set against the stunning backdrop of Applegate Lake in Southern Oregon. The series includes 10k, 5k, and 2.5k races on Saturday, with the 1500m and…

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Change Your Latitude

Change Your Latitude is an open water swim event held in Sitka, Alaska, and organized by the Baranof Barracuda Swim Club. There are various race options, including solo or relay races spanning 10k (6.2 miles),…

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August 2024

The Cascade Lakes Swim Series

The Cascade Lakes Swim Series takes place at Elk Lake, a picturesque mountain lake basking in the sunshine of the Oregon Cascades, just 32 miles from Bend. The water temperature typically ranges from 66 to…

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Swim Defiance

Swim Defiance is an annual open water swimming race held in Tacoma, Washington. The race has an incredible history. The first competitive swim was held way back in 1926, between Vashon Island and Point Defiance…

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The Long Bridge Swim, Sandpoint, Idaho

The Long Bridge Swim is an open water swim that crosses Lake Pend Oreille in stunning Sandpoint, Idaho. The Long Bridge crosses the lake parallel to the race course so that similar to the Maryland…

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Eel Lake Open Swim

Eel Lake, situated in William M. Tugman State Park on the Oregon coast, provides the scenic backdrop for the Eel Lake Open Swim. This freshwater lake is conveniently located on U.S. 101, nestled between Reedsport…

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Mermaid Open Water Swim, Boca Rato

The Mermaid Open Water Swim is an open water sea swim with races of various distances held in beautiful Boca Rato, Florida. The route starts at tower 19, heading about 50 yards to the first…

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The Coeur d’Alene Crossing

The Coeur d’Alene Crossing is an annual point-to-point open water swim race that crosses Lake Coeur d’Alene in the beautiful Idaho panhandle. Participants can choose between a 1.2 mile and a 2.4 mile race distance.…

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The Portland Sharkfest Swim

The inaugural Portland Sharkfest Swim is an open water swimming event scheduled to take place in the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. The inaugural swim was was cancelled and rescheduled for 2024. The course is…

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Lake George Open Water Swim, Hague NY

Lake George Open Water Swim is an annual swimming event held in the pristine waters of Lake George, in Hague, New York. Lake George is an incredible venue in the heart of the Adirondack region…

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Lake Moomaw Open Swim

Lake Moomaw Open Swim is an open water swim race that takes place in the southern part of Lake Moomaw, in the Alleghany Mountains of Virginia. The race course is an out-and-back, starting at the…

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September 2024

The Seattle Open Water Swim

The Seattle Open Water Swim is an annual charity open water swimming event held in Seattle, Washington. The 2024 Seattle Open Water Swim has a new venue! The location of the event has varied in…

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Lake Chelan Swim

The Lake Chelan Swim is an annual open water swimming event that takes place in Lake Chelan, a beautiful natural lake located in the North Cascades region of Washington State. This is grape-growing country, and…

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Last Splash of Summer - SeaTac, Washington

The Last Splash of Summer, located at Angle Lake in SeaTac, Washington, marks the grand finale of the open water swimming season. The event caters to a wide range of participants, both adults and children,…

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October 2024

San Diego Sharkfest Swim

San Diego Sharkfest Swim is an annual open water swim that crosses the San Diego harbor in San Diego, California. What distance is San Diego Sharkfest Swim? The race is 1 mile (about 1.7 Kilometers)…

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