Welcome to the Open Water World swimming race directory, a map and race calendar to help amateur swimmers find open water swimming races around the world. The directory is still in its infancy and we are adding races daily so bear with us if you find your destination blank. The directory will always be an evolving entity as races appear and disappear.

      We strive to add open water swim races all over the planet, but acknowledge that our directory is hugely anglophone-centric. Please help us to diversify by telling us about amateur open water swimming races in other parts of the world.

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      A note on using the map

      Open water swimming races appear on the map as red dots. If you click on a race, a window will appear with the race address and a clickable title which will take you to the race page with more information. If you prefer to search for races in a month by month listing, you can do so on the ‘Races by date‘ page.

      Tips for finding open water swim races in your area

      If you want to find races in your current location, make sure you have location services switched on in your browser, then the map will search show races in a 200km radius from you. If you have location services switched off, the map will default to Seattle, so you will need to search your area of interest in the search bar.

      We do our best to keep the race directory pages as up-to-date as possible, but race information is apt to change often and your best bet for comprehensive race information is ALWAYS the race website. If you have an error or an update you’d like to tell us about, please send us a message here!

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