Bird's eye view of the woodrow wilson bridge, site of the Washington's Crossing open water swim in fort washington, maryland

Washington’s Crossing: Swim Across the Potomac

Washington’s Crossing: Swim Across the Potomac is an annual open water swim event that crosses the Potomac River at National Harbour, Fort Washington, Maryland.

Race participants swim to the middle of the Potomac River, parallel with the Wilson Bridge, and then back to the harbourside. The total course length is 1.25 miles. Racers in the 2.5 mile event swim a second lap of the course. The two races start separately and they are in-water starts. The course is marked by marker buoys.

The water temperatures range from 78 to 86 Fahrenheit. Wetsuits are not permitted for temperatures exceeding 82F. The race is timed to coincide with an incoming high tide.

All ages are permitted to take part in the race but racers must be experienced in open water and at the chosen distance. There are tides and currents.

Washington’s Crossing: Swim Across the Potomac
National Harbor
Fort Washington MD 20745
Race time: June 2, 2024 7:00 am
Distance: 1.25 miles, 2.5 miles

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