Participants leaving the beach in the long bridge swim across Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho, the long bridge receding into the distance

The Long Bridge Swim, Sandpoint, Idaho

The Long Bridge Swim is an open water swim that crosses Lake Pend Oreille in stunning Sandpoint, Idaho.

The Long Bridge crosses the lake parallel to the race course so that similar to the Maryland Freedom Swim, it is one of the few open water swim races that offer friends and family the opportunity to experience the blood and sweat of the race from start to finish.

The Long Bridge Swim is now a hugely popular Northwest open water swim with more than 500 participants taking part annually. The wealth of pristine waters, mountains, wildlife, and campsites, make this an incredible destination, perfect to combine with some relaxation and wild swimming adventures of your own.

Pick up your race package from the local high school the night before then meet back at the school early in the morning for the safety brief. Racers are shuttled out to the race start at the far end of the Long Bridge. Support should park downtown and cross the bridge to cheer at the start line.

For the most current race information, as well as post-race result links, your best bet is the Long Bridge Swim Facebook page.

Proceeds from the race go towards providing swimming lessons to children and adults.

The Long Bridge Swim, Sandpoint, Idaho
Dog Beach PO Box 2321
Sandpoint ID 83864
Race time: August 3, 2024 7:00 am
Price: $55
Distance: 1.76 miles

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