View behind the convention center across the San Diego Harbor towards the Coronado Bridge, route for the San Diego Sharkfest Swim

San Diego Sharkfest Swim

San Diego Sharkfest Swim is an annual open water swim that crosses the San Diego harbor in San Diego, California.

What distance is San Diego Sharkfest Swim?

The race is 1 mile (about 1.7 Kilometers) long, starting behind the San Diego Convention Center at the 5th avenue landing, and finishing at Tidelands Park Beach at the Coronado side of the Coronado Bridge.

A view of the San Diego harbor from the far side of the Coronado Bridge where the San Diego Sharkfest Swim crosses the bay
The San Diego Sharkfest Swim crosses the harbor and finishes at Tidelands Park beach, seen here on the far left side of the Coronado Bridge

What water temperatures should I expect at San Diego Sharkfest?

The water has had all summer to warm up by the time the San diego Sharkfest starts in late October. San Diego’s water temperatures are usually at their best by late October. This is one of the best times to swim at the beaches of the area. The Pacific has warmed up and is still cool but not freezing like it can be earlier in the year. Great open water swimming weather!

The San Diego sharkfest race website predicts temperatures of 68-72 degrees.

What is Sharkfest? Are there sharks?

There are leopard sharks, horn sharks, and yes, great white sharks, in the sea off the San Diego Coast. You are unlikely to come across any sharks while crossing the harbor though.

Sharkfest is just the name of the race. This is one of several open water swimming races in the Enviro-Sports’ Sharkfest™ series. Other spectacular venues include Portland, Alcatraz, The Golden Gate Bridge, and Lake Tahoe.

Will I have to swim against the tide?

The San Diego Harbor is a tidal body of water with strong currents and tides. The race is specially timed to coincide with the slack tide so you should feel minimal tidal currents. As always, expect some resistance. The cut-off time for the race is 50 minutes, so all swimmers should be out of the water before the tide starts to change. 

How many participants in the San Diego Sharkfest Swim?

The maximum amount of participants is 300. The race usually sells out early, so you are advised to sign up as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Race entry fees go up the closer you get to race day.

San Diego Sharkfest Swim
Embarcadero Marina Park South
Marina Park Way
San Diego CA 92101
Phone: +1 415-868-1829
Race time: October 20, 2024 9:00 am
Price: $70 Adults, $40 17 and under, $50 military
Distance: 1 mile
Closing date: October 19, 2024
Registration opens: March 2, 2024 12:00 am
Other information:

Registrants need to be a competent open water swimmer. You must be able to swim one mile in the pool in a time of under 40 minutes.

Note that post swim there are regular ferries from Coronado Ferry Landing back to the San Diego side. However, there is no ferry service prior to the race, so if you are staying on the Coronado side of the harbor, you will need to drive or take a cab to the race start.

All registrants will receive an entrant prior a couple of weeks prior to race day. Keep an eye out as this will contain any last minute changes and updates to the race info.

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