swimmers racing in Lake Audubon, location for the annual Jim McDonnell Lake Swims

Reston Masters’ Jim McDonnell Lake Swims

The Jim McDonnell Lake Swims are two open water swimming races that take place every year on Lake Audubon, in Reston, Virginia. The races are organized by the Reston Masters Swim Team and have a history going back to the 1980s.

Lake Audubon, is a picture-postcard lake bordered by beautiful houses with lawns leading to the water’s edge. Racegoers will want to allow extra time to further explore this stunning area which boasts tons of outdoor activities and wild swimming opportunities.

There are two swims, a 1 mile and a 2 mile. Both races circle the lake counter-clockwise. The route is marked by buoys. 2 mile racers circle Lake Audubon twice. The races take place consecutively, with a small gap between, so you can choose to swim in both swims and you’ll get a discounted price if you do so.

The Jim McDonnell Lake swims are part of the ‘Virginia Triple-Dip Award’. Swimmers who race in either of these Lake Audubon races, plus either of the distances at the John Shrum Chis Greene Cable Swim, in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the Lake Moomaw 1 mile swim in Covington, Virginia, will receive an award.

The swims are sanctioned US Masters swims and follow USMS rules. As such there are strict rules and regulations regarding swimwear. There are wetsuit and non-wetsuit divisions. Participants should read the USMS rules and the Jim McDonnel Lake Swims website thoroughly to avoid disappointment.

The swims are hugely popular and well organized. Expect a huge turnout.

Check out the Jim McDonnell Lake swims Facebook page for up to date swim information.

Reston Masters’ Jim McDonnell Lake Swims
Lake Audubon Pool
Reston VA 20191
Race time: May 26, 2024 6:00 am
Price: $105 per race or $155 for both; $80/$120 early bird price; $155/$200 last minute price (after May 19th)
Distance: 1 mile, 2 miles
Closing date: May 24, 2024
Other information:

Participants must be age18 or older by race day.

It’s necessary to be a registered USMS swimmer/ be a member of a World Aquatics federation/obtain a a USMS one event permit (OEVT)


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