swim racers swimming in the last splash of summer event

Last Splash of Summer – SeaTac, Washington

The Last Splash of Summer, located at Angle Lake in SeaTac, Washington, marks the grand finale of the open water swimming season. The event caters to a wide range of participants, both adults and children, making it a perfect outing for the entire family. Angle Lake boasts an average temperature in the high 60s at this time of year, so even the little ones will have a blast.

There are a ton of events on offer including the 1 Mile Wetsuit, 1 Mile No-Wetsuit, 2 Mile Wetsuit, 2 Mile No-Wetsuit, and a special 500 Yards race specially for 9 to 12-year-olds, featuring a no-wetsuit rule.

The organizers have now added a 1 Mile FIN Wetsuit and a 1 Mile FIN No-Wetsuit race where participants adhere to the same rules as the other events, except that they’re allowed to wear fins, making the competition even more accessible than ever to all skill levels.

In a bid to introduce the younger generation to partake in the open water swimming experience LSOS has now made the 500 Yard race just $20.00 for young swimmers aged 9 to 12.

Angle Lake itself is a picturesque L-shaped community lake situated in the heart of SeaTac, Washington. The park surrounding the lake offers ample common areas and a spacious beach where non-swimming friends and family can cheer on the competitors and savor the final open water event of the season.

Last Splash of Summer – SeaTac, Washington
Angle Lake Park
19408 International Blvd
SeaTac WA 98188
Race time: This event usually takes place in mid-September. Specific date to be confirmed.
Price: TBC
Distance: 1 Mile Wetsuit, 1 Mile No-Wetsuit, 2 Mile Wetsuit, 2 Mile No-Wetsuit, 500 Yards for 9 to 12-year-olds no wetsuit

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