Swimmers racing in the Lake Moomaw open water swim, with thick trees in the background

Lake Moomaw Open Swim

Lake Moomaw Open Swim is an open water swim race that takes place in the southern part of Lake Moomaw, in the Alleghany Mountains of Virginia.

The race course is an out-and-back, starting at the beach on Cole’s Point. Participants swim along the shore about fifty yards out, towards Gathright Dam. The turnaround point is a buoy.

Participants must be able to swim a mile in under an hour.

The Lake Moomaw swim is part of the ‘Virginia Triple-Dip Award’. Racers who swim this event, plus either of the distances at the John Shrum Chis Greene Cable Swim, in Charlottesville, Virginia, and either of the Jim McDonnell Lake Swims in Reston, Virginia, will receive an award.

The Lake Moomaw swim Facebook page contains further information about the race.

Lake Moomaw is a spectacular 2,530-acre lake located in Virginia’s George Washington National Forest. The lake has 43 miles of forested shoreline, with stunning views of the Allegheny Mountains on all sides. This is a beautiful part of the world and well worth exploring beyond race day.

George Washington National Forest has several picturesque swimmable lakes with camping and recreational facilities, notably Cave Mountain Lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Cave Mountain Lake near Lexington, Virginia.
Lake Moomaw Open Swim
Coles Point, Lake Moomaw
Covington Virginia 24426
Race time: This event usually takes place in mid-late August. Specific date to be confirmed.
Distance: 1 mile

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