Eel Lake - venue for the Eel Lake open water swim in Oregon

Eel Lake Open Swim

Eel Lake, situated in William M. Tugman State Park on the Oregon coast, provides the scenic backdrop for the Eel Lake Open Swim. This freshwater lake is conveniently located on U.S. 101, nestled between Reedsport and Coos Bay.

The Eel Lake Open Swim features a series of three swims. Participants will begin with a 3000-meter swim, circling the course counterclockwise twice around a polygonal path. The event offers a fun twist with a 500-meter “Predicted-time Rubber Ducky Swim”, and an out-and-back swim along a floating lane line where participants can test their pace predictions. The series culminates with a 1500-meter swim, taking swimmers clockwise around the polygonal course.

Anticipated water temperatures range from 67 to 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is a stunning part of the country, and there are great camping options at Eel Lake and nearby, so pack up your cooler and make it an event. This quote from the website says it all:

Come a day or two early and/or stay a day or two late and create your swim adventure(s), with your usual swim mates or with others among your Oregon swim pals.  Eel lake is a great swimming lake with lots of options, and is a lovely place for you and your swim buddies to have a fun weekend.

Eel Lake Open Swim
Eel Lake
Lakeside Oregon USA
Race time: This event usually takes place in early August. Specific date to be confirmed.
Price: One swim is $25; two swims are $35; all three swims are $40 - there is an additional $5 insurance surcharge per swimmer
Distance: 500m, 1500m, 3000m

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