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steel bridge on the willamette river - one of the bridges the Portland Bridge swim passes under

How i prepared for the Portland Bridge marathon swim

The Portland Bridge swim race is one of those unique, bucket list swimming events that made me want to become an open water swimmer in the first place. The course runs along the Willamette River…

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A hippo swimming with eyes above water like an open water swimmer should sight properly

How to sight in open water

Many swimmers do the bulk of their training in the pool, expecting the transition to open water to be relatively seamless, but there are some aspects of open water swimming that you need to train…

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A view of Kachess Lake, looking out from the tiny island

A humble lesson on Lake Kachess

Sudden and unexpected rough swimming conditions turn a perfect wild swimming adventure into scary lesson about danger and preparedness. It was a beautiful sunny day at Lake Kachess. This was the perfect peace we had…

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hundreds of open water swimmers thrashing at a race start

How to manage crowded start anxiety in open water swimming races

If crowded open water race starts give you anxiety, you are not alone: many open water swimmers admit to experiencing discomfort ranging from nerves and fear, to outright panic at the beginning of races. Swimming…

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Man swimming freestyle in a speedo shot from below in the ocean

8 game-changing beginner tips for how to swim freestyle

Here are some tips for learning how to swim freestyle that I wish were written down concisely in one place when I started out. The things I wish I could time travel back and tell…

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