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The Magic 5 Smoke Magic open water swimming goggles with water splashes on the lenses and placed on a rock

The best open water swimming goggles in 2024

Outside of the narrow lines of a swimming pool, in open water, where the dark, deep yawns beneath your belly, you need every bit of help you can get to stay on track and sight…

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Open water swimmer on jetty in orca hi-vis women's wetsuit with mountains in the distance and lake behind

Why I love the Orca Vitalis Openwater Hi-Vis Wetsuit

You might already know that i’m a big fan of Orca Wetsuits. The fit is usually great for me as a woman. I find their suits comfortable, light, and i wore my last suit until…

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bad neck chafe on the back of a man's neck due to wetsuit rubbing

Top 5 anti-chafing creams and balms to prevent wetsuit rash

Wetsuit chafing can be brutal, as you’ll already know if, like me, you have raced your neck red raw in the pursuit of open water swimming excellence. (And by ‘excellence’ i mean finishing.) For that…

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