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What is a natural swimming wetsuit? 

A natural swimming wetsuit 101. What is a natural swimming wetsuit, what are the benefits, and do I need one? What is a natural swimming wetsuit?  A natural swimming wetsuit is a wetsuit designed to…

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Women in alpkit wetsuits preparing for a wild swim

Why i made the switch to a natural swimming wetsuit

Amateur open water swimmer Audrey Sanchez explains what made her decide to switch to a ‘natural’ swimming wetsuit and why she’ll never go back. Audrey Sanchez grew up pool swimming in Illinois. “Swimming was my…

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The Magic 5 Smoke Magic open water swimming goggles with water splashes on the lenses and placed on a rock

The best open water swimming goggles in 2024

Outside of the narrow lines of a swimming pool, in open water, where the dark, deep yawns beneath your belly, you need every bit of help you can get to stay on track and sight…

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Woman stretching in a tight wetsuit before going open water swimming

Open water wetsuit fitting guide

This wetsuit fitting guide explains the five important measurements you need to properly fit a wetsuit,  how to measure yourself accurately, how to determine the correct wetsuit size, and how to read a sizing chart…

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A hippo swimming with eyes above water like an open water swimmer should sight properly

How to sight in open water

Many swimmers do the bulk of their training in the pool, expecting the transition to open water to be relatively seamless, but there are some aspects of open water swimming that you need to train…

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A view of Kachess Lake, looking out from the tiny island

A humble lesson on Lake Kachess

Sudden and unexpected rough swimming conditions turn a perfect wild swimming adventure into scary lesson about danger and preparedness. It was a beautiful sunny day at Lake Kachess. This was the perfect peace we had…

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Isola San Giulio, Lago d'Orta - open water swimming destination

Swim Around Magical Isola San Giulio, Lago d’Orta

This is the account of our self-guided open water swim around Isola San Giulio, in Lago d’Orta, Northern Italy. Often referred to as the “hidden gem” of the Italian Lakes, Lake Orta is a small, picturesque…

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Open water swimmer on jetty in orca hi-vis women's wetsuit with mountains in the distance and lake behind

Why I love the Orca Vitalis Openwater Hi-Vis Wetsuit

You might already know that i’m a big fan of Orca Wetsuits. The fit is usually great for me as a woman. I find their suits comfortable, light, and i wore my last suit until…

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swimmers view of the hermitage of santa caterina del sasso built into the cliff face at lake maggiore, Lombardy, Italy

The Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso, Lago Maggiore

This is the account of our self-guided open water swim to the very steps of the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso in the pristine waters of Lake Maggiore, Northern Italy. Perched impossibly on a…

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Waterlog author Roger Deakin, the father of wild swimming, in a wild pond with his book lying on the bank

Waterlog: A Swimmer’s Journey Through Britain – by Roger Deakin

“Waterlog – A Swimmer’s Journey Through Britain” is the captivating, introspective account of BBC film-maker and environmentalist Roger Deakin’s novel and hugely inspirational journey through the seas, pools, and waterways of Great Britain. Published in…

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Silhouette of man swimming in the sea beside a pier at dusk with flocks of birds in the sunset

Waterlog: A short film about anxiety and wild swimming

As a person with anxiety who found peace in the water, this short film by Ben Cox about writer Joe Minihane and his battle with anxiety really hit a note with me. Joe discovers that…

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Four men on the beach sporting various styles of 80s wetsuit

How should a wetsuit fit?

That farmer john that Aunt Jody has had in her basement since the 90s? The neon kite-surfing shorty you found at a garage sale? If, like me you’ve ever tried swimming in a wetsuit that…

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bad neck chafe on the back of a man's neck due to wetsuit rubbing

Top 5 anti-chafing creams and balms to prevent wetsuit rash

Wetsuit chafing can be brutal, as you’ll already know if, like me, you have raced your neck red raw in the pursuit of open water swimming excellence. (And by ‘excellence’ i mean finishing.) For that…

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hundreds of open water swimmers thrashing at a race start

How to manage crowded start anxiety in open water swimming races

If crowded open water race starts give you anxiety, you are not alone: many open water swimmers admit to experiencing discomfort ranging from nerves and fear, to outright panic at the beginning of races. Swimming…

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